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Moon Phases

“When a problem can’t be fixed it because the abundance of lying words are used to empower the wicked!”

“The wicked love the power of words that way they never have to face the truth of their ways!”

“The wicked love the power of words they hid behind them convincing the simple minded to hate something while they created the problem in the first place.”

“To fix a problem while enriching oneself with power, wealth, and control is what spreads corruption into the hearts of the fool!”

“The stupid person jumps into a raging river because they love the flow. There is no amount of human rage that the fool will not jump into the middle of because it is the flow!”

“The more the corrupt can twist words, the more power they gain, because they only want to enrich themselves.”

“Abusive words are what cause lawlessness it takes the heart away from all respect for authority. Thus, it not equality or greater diversity it is wickedness in it purest form.”

“The words of the wicked divide, they are not justice, fair, or reasonable they are for one purpose, so the wicked can gain control and power over you!”

“To state a word over and over again is the tool of wicked spirit force to brainwash people with fear, the fear to think reasonably about truth!”

“The wicked do not want to fix or solve a problem they want power and control over your life, and the only way they get it, is by talking about problems.”

“The more sincere you can talk about a problem the more you can deceive people. The greatest deceiver cloaked themselves in wanting to solve problems, while creating more hell on earth than the devil himself!”

“When every problem is the end of the world, then your world has ended already!”

“When a word can shake your world into hopelessness, then you are a burn out mountain with no core of moral goodness or substance! The problem is not with others but your own evil heart!”




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No Sign-in/All Your Information Anonymous > WTS Involvement In OSCE & NGO

OSCE stands for Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. From the information available, it is WTBTS's Political Lobbying Arm. From what is herein presented, I ask, who needs the UN when you have the OSCE?
It was the WTBTS status as an NGO with the United Nations that enabled them to knock on the door of the OSCE and become involved in dialogue with major world players, not just political, but religious as well.
NGO status with then UN guaranteed acceptance as a "player" and NGO within the OSCE (formally the CSCE).
In 1991, the WTBTS applied for and was granted NGO status with the United Nations of which status also allowed them direct access within the corridors of the OSCE, although full advantage of the arrangements offered by the OSCE for NGO's was not taken up by the WTBTS or by the Jehovah's Witnesses until Stephen Bates (Religious Affairs Correspondent for The Guardian UK newspaper) exposed the WTBTS as being an NGO member with the United Nations in two published articles on October 8 and 15, 2001.
The WTBTS withdrew their NGO status with the UN but maintained the same "foot in the door" and "political clout" by utilizing the OSCE with particular emphasis on being associated with all other religions through TANDIS which is the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System.
The OSCE has regularly reported on the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses, since the WTBTS began NGO association with the UN in 1991.
The WTBTS has, since 2001 and the UN scandal, solely relied on their association with OSCE for the single purpose of lobbying sovereign States and policy makers within various state and government departments.
Starting this week on Monday, the WTBTS and Jehovah's Witnesses again mingle with the political and religious community as part of the official "Side Events" of the "Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM)" held in Warsaw, Poland between 26 September – 7 October 2011.
This year, the WTBTS and the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses join forces with the Office of Muslim Denomination (Bulgarian office) and Human Rights Without Frontiers as partners and conveners to co-present the following program and joint-presentation...
Read a comprehensive evaluation of the WTBTS’s lobbying efforts with OSCE at:
The OSCE web site is:
If you have the time, in the search box type in "Jehovah" and press enter. This will provide a list of over 250 related documents, press releases, and statements.

September 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJw's Straight Talk