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Jehovah's Witnesses Straight Talk:


The nation of Israel under God became glutted with it own fruitage, running rampant with hypocrisy, and deceit. Jehovah's Witnesses have been taught by their Governing Body (GB) that they are the Israel of God today, and they are correct in one manner only, which is, many JW's now find themselves living a lie to stay in the so called “truth”.


Such hypocrisy smack of rank idolatry, and each Jehovah's Witnesses knows in their own heart this is true, but they live in fear of losing basic bible truth's if they leave WTS., which they understand, most other religious groups reject as apostate teachings. Simply put, there is no middle ground for Jehovah's Witnesses in search of Spirit and truth, it is all or nothing, hence, finding themselves between a rock, and hard place.


Much like the Pharisees who gulped down the camel, while chocking on the gnat.


Two Extremes Exist:


We find, there are two extremes existing, just like in politics, religious groups are polarized, forced into swallowing all the teachings/bad fruitage of their groups ideology, in-order to hang on to some good doctrine of their group. In other words, we find in all religious groups a politically labeling of evil of opposing sides conduct/teaching, while justifying their own groups bad fruitage.


Unfortunately, what these opposing religious/political groups fail too understand is, none of such conduct, is the true fruit tree Christ Jesus spoke of in his parable, when he said:


Matt. 7:16 By their fruits you will know them. Do you gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? 7:17 Even so, every good tree produces good fruit; but the corrupt tree produces evil fruit. 7:18 A good tree can't produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit.  


Co-opting Truth:


We have found that all religions on earth have co-opted some truth(s) from God's word the bible, once having these truths, they codified them into doctrines supporting their groups ideology.  If a person compromises the doctrine, they in turn, lose the group, and their ideology.  But the ultimate truth is found in one fact; there is good, and bad, right, and wrong, fruitage, in all religions on earth today.


This good fruitage found with the bad fruitage causes doctrinal blindness, and confusion keeping one from honestly evaluating the truth fairly.  Ideology does not allow middle ground, so where people on both sides can come to understanding the “truth”, in Spiirt.


Conversely, Jesus said of a good tree it “cannot” produce bad fruit.  So none of us can deny that all religion will be judged by its fruitage!   Subsequently, where opposing sides cannot agree on the smallest point, one thing is for certain, no religion on earth will be declared righteous by its bad fruit.


Jehovah's Witnesses, and all other religions on earth are trapped into doing unchristian-like conduct or evil, not by blatant lies, as one may think, no!  But rather, by willingly submitting to some truth(s) of a religious group, while living  a lie in a personal conduct, blinding themselves to the good tree that Jesus Christ spoke of.  Moreover, we have found, the teaching of one good tree fruitage, alludes most Christian's groups.


Doctrinal Blindness:


Doctrinal blindness is not new, although we may feel we are more enlighten today, the actual truth is, there is far greater doctrinal blindness on earth today than at any other time in the history of mankind; with will over fifty two thousands competing Christian religious groups.


Christ Jesus simple fruit tree statement boggles the fleshly mind of most Christian's; which is, "a good tree cannot produce bad fruit”.  Instead of asking the obvious question?  “Where is that good tree today?"   Most first apply Jesus words to their own religion, and it teaching (in a favorable light), which blinds them to bad fruitage on their own religious fruit tree.


While, on the other hand, those who are led by God's Holy Spirit understand that there is no tree on earth today which produces good fruit all the time; all trees of organized religion produce both good, and bad fruit, some thing Jesus stated was “impossible”, that is,  for a good tree too produces bad fruit, and for that matter, an impossibility for a bad tree to produce good fruit!


So justifying religious bad fruitage by arguing doctrine, is false religion, it does prove anything, certainly not that it is the good tree, but rather, a false tree hiding bad fruitage, by some doctrinal truth(s) found in the group


Jehovah's Witnesses Straight Talk:


We have found that many good people associated with JW's are burden with a bad conscience regarding the ever increasing bad fruitage of their group. We also know they do not trust other religious people let alone an outsider because of doctrinal teachings. 


There is no hidden agenda on Jehovah's Witnesses Straight Talk; here is our simple straight forward purpose:


  Purpose of this blog:

We are independent Bible researchers, offering extensive expertise and insights into the beliefs of neo-Adventist faith groups, such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible Students, and how their teachings relate to the inerrant Word of God - through which we have been given a new birth by incorruptible reproductive seed of the living and enduring God, our Father YHWH, known from of old, and through His Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our reason for engaging in conversation with Christians who are affiliated with the WT, lies quite simply in the fact that they claim the Scriptures as their source of inspiration, just as we also do, and that we have found a good lot of their basic, but pivotal, teachings to be refreshingly in accord with what the Bible actually teaches.

In our research of the historical beginnings of the early Bible Student movement we have observed that, as the number of believers in the group increased, disagreements about the meaning and interpretation of Scripture emerged in increasing number and scope, leading to a codifying of doctrines and practices.

While such an externalizing of doctrine may well serve the purpose of unifying the group in conformity to an evolving institution, it signally fails to do justice to the ability of the Holy Spirit to express itself through each individual member as it wills, leading to a situation where unity, to the point of conformity, becomes the main purpose of the group, rather than truth, as it is in Jesus.

Historical Pattern

This has been a problem with the Christian Congregation since the end of the first century, and we need not be surprised that even when Jesus returns on the clouds of Heaven, He will find both good and evil slaves in His field, which is the world that He is going to judge in righteousness.

Jesus is the truth, and to be in the truth is to be in Christ, and having Him dwell in one's heart through faith. It is His Spirit in our hearts which teaches us all things and through which He lives His Divine Life in us.

Those who are likewise indwelled by Him relate to us as brothers and sisters. Further, where there are two or three of us gathered together in His Name, there He expresses His mind and takes over proceedings in the assembly.

The Body is not one member, but united as one in the Spirit of Him who supplies abundantly the needs of each individual through the service of another, as all experience Christ's Spirit expressed on their behalf in the love that unites them under His sovereign Headship.
No Fear In Love
Those thus in union with Him, and holding fast to Him as their Head, are in no need to have anyone teaching them, but as the anointing from the Father is true, and has taught them how to test inspired expressions - to see whether they originate with God - they need not fear being misled by anyone coming in His Name with counterfeit words and artfully contrived false stories.

As the anointing thus guards the purity of Christ's teaching in their hearts and minds, it also provides the motive force for all their actions performed in Christ, namely, love.

Just as the Father has poured out His love into our hearts at the anointing with Holy Spirit - and as we continue loving our brothers who have been born from Him - so His love is being perfected in us, as we remain in the love with which He loved us in Christ Jesus before the founding of the world.

Not Reformers of a Religious Institution:

We do not seek to either form or reform religious institutions, but to engage with those born of God while in association with any such external bodies, to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Congregation, which is the one and only Body of Christ. Of course, sincere Witnesses with an earthly hope and other interested people are also warmly encouraged to engage us in conversation and share the reasons for their faith with us.
While it may prove to be sobering to have a dispassionate look at something one feels as passionate about as one's faith-conviction, it pays to keep in mind Jesus' illustration about inspecting the foundations of one's faith BEFORE the winds of changes shift.
Loving Truth:
He who loves truth has nothing to fear and nothing to lose except honest mistakes and misapprehensions. Those who accept the love of the truth will be saved,because the truth will set you free into the real life of Christ Jesus, Amen