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Matt.24:28 For wherever the carcass is, there is where the vultures{or, eagles} gather together.


Many of God's anointed have been badly mistreated by the Watchtower Society, having no voice in anything regarding its teachings or direction. Yet, the Watchtower Society boast in being the faithful and discreet slave on earth representing the body of Christ as its mouthpiece.


When in fact, the body of Christ, or God's anointed, are not at all consulted in any spiritual matter, but rather, if a body members speak-out, accept one of  Governing Body, they are most often considered an apostate by getting ahead of the direction of the GB.


Here we invited them to speak-out, here they have a forum, and voice (autonomously, covertly, or overtly), as do those of the Great Crowd. In fact, we would very much enjoy their views on any subject believing it will only benefit all the body of Christ Jesus.


We may not always agree, but if we apply the values of the New Covenant (the law of love, there is no fear in love), certainly we will grow in faith, love, and hope. This forum is not here for hate, or too propagate hate by character assassinate of anyone, or towards a group, least wise Jehovah's Witnesses, but as each one of the anointed understand we must not adulterate truth, for friendship with the world.


On the other hand, some will voice hate as part of the long healing process we all go through, you will not be condemn here, but hopefully patiently readjusted. If some of God's anointed wanted to post an article on biblical thought we would encourage them to do so, however, if they are lengthy articles please do so in a series over a period of time.


We would also like to encourage poems, and personal stories that will help all of us to draw closer to our Father Jehovah God. There will be daily bible thoughts posted, if some want to contribute to that works please contact us by email, send us your thoughts for the day, and we will happily post them when a spot comes open on our daily bible thoughts page.


Some Further Thoughts


Jesus used the idea of a carcass that his anointed eagle, or vultures would feed on, but why? Simply put, we are safe in staying within the body of Christ Jesus, as God's Spiritual Temple, there is no physical place too go, one does not have to go out into the wilderness to find the meat in due season, no! But rather, we are to stay in the body of Christ Jesus, which we shall, provided, we walk in love under the New Covenant, by Spirit and Truth.


Our Faith requires us to rest in the body of Christ Jesus, which is proof of our faith, we are found in YHWH greater Sabbath day rest, Jesus Christ. We share in the gifts of the body, for the good of the body, we preach not ourselves, but truth just as it is in Jesus Christ.


Much of what has not been taught for almost a hundred years by the Watchtower Society will be taught here, that is, God spiritual temple (the house under construction for a blessing too the nations) found under the New Covenant, requiring each of us to come up too the mountain of Jehovah, not down into the corrupt abyss of man made organizations.


Your Brother In Christ Jesus,


Daniel a Slave of Jesus Christ




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